Friday, September 18, 2009


Looks like there was a minor glitch on DevArt. Seems my pics were just...on vacation. They are still there, but damn, was that scary! Back to ye olde drawing board.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh Well..:(

Looks like my "Smut" folder was just zapped by the fuzz at DevArt. I was organizing it, and described how to get to this here, but I guess the wrong person saw it and decided it was lights-out. Seeing as DevArt is mainly just a place for stupid fan-fics and the like, it's high time I headed off into the sunset anyways.

Cookie & Cream

Here's a few more pin-ups of Cookie and Joey.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big-Time Slackin.

So, I haven't been on here for a long time. I've been procrastinating on uploading the rest of the story, but seeing as seemingly no one out there frequents this blog, I'll just take the time to upload more Stabber Flix-oriented pin-ups n' stuff.

As for the comic itself, I've been jumping around trying to write/draw this thing, all the while only finishing the "awesome" parts. I've got most of issues 2,3,4, and 5 done, but I can't bring myself to ink the rest of the story. In between taking on commissions and my RL job, it's hard to find the time to update this site. So with that being said, I'll leave you with this line art of Cookie doing what she does best.